About Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan

Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan has a history of more than 600 years. During the Hongwu period of the Ming Dynasty, the ancestors of the Chen family moved from Hongdong County, Shanxi Province to Wenxian County, Henan Province. With the principle of yin and yang opening and closing passed down in the family, they used Qi Jiguang's boxing scriptures to fabricate boxing gloves, formed into ingenious Tai Chi Chuan. Later, through Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan, various types of Tai Chi Chuan such as Yang, Wu, Wu, and Sun were derived, and each has its own strengths, so it is a very precious and excellent traditional Chinese martial arts.
Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan has been passed down from generation to generation, but it is limited to family, so it is little known until Chen Fake, the 17th ancestor of the Chen style, was invited to Peiping to teach boxing publicly in 1928. Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan finally spread and explored.
Master Pan Yongzhou is the direct disciple of Chen Fake, the 17th ancestor of the Chen Clan. In January of year 1931, he learned Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan from Master Chen Fake. He has devoted his whole life to continuous research, his kung fu is pure, and he spent the life-giving spring breeze and rain, and had the students all over the world. And he is an extremely important inheritor of Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan today. Mr. Hong Yun Her, the founder of Yun Hsuan Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan Research Association, inherited the aspirations of Master Pan Yongzhou and opened up branches in Taiwan to continue to promote the traditional Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan.
Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan is based on internal strength and external power. It pays equal attention to fitness and martial arts, and the exercise focuses on the operation of qi. The spiral method is an exercise, with natural breathing and graceful movements. It has the function of enhancing physical fitness, while in combat, it has the effect of defeating the strong with the small force, and the weak and the slow over the strong and fast. In fact, it is an extremely superior, profound and mysterious boxing technique in Chinese martial arts.
1. The movements could be the fast and slow, and the accumulating power is obvious, while the general Tai Chi Chuan moves at a uniform speed and the accumulation is not obvious.
2. The limbs move in a spiral and twist. It is a kind of silk reeling power, while the general Tai Chi Chuan is an arc-shaped movement of the limbs, and the circular rotation is simple.
3. The breathing method is mainly based on abdominal breathing, which is the double Dantian breathing method, that is, the reverse breathing method. The general Tai Chi Chuan adopts the single Dantian breathing.


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