Yun Hsuan Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan Research Association

The Association was established in July of year 2013, and the founder is Mr. Hong, Yun Her. The boxing frame taught by this association is Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan teached by Master Pan, Yong zhou.
The purpose of this association is to promote Chen style Tai Chi Chuan, carry forward traditional culture, cultivate good martial arts, and promote physical and mental health.
The founder of the association, Hong Yun he, has inherited it from Master Pan Yong zhou. Master Pan Yong zhou has been concentrating on Chen style Taijiquan for more than 60 years. The Tai Chi Chuan style can be said to be exquisite in movement, high in energy, and a miracle of miracles, which directly fascinates the audience. Over the years, the implementation of Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan has been devoted to efforts, and it has had a far-reaching impact on the inheritance of the traditional principles and methods of Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan. The name "Jing Lu" comes from Master Pan's customary name for Xindian's former residence.
Master Pan came to Taiwan in May of year 1949, and after retiring from public office in 1973, he devoted himself to teaching Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan, and the number of students gradually increased. The Jing Lu Tai Chi Chuan Club also grew in size and gradually became vigorous. With the Jing Lu Tai Chi Chuan Club as the guiding center, the Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan Branch of the Republic of China Tai Chi Chuan Association and the China Chen Style Tai Chi were established in turn. Tai Chi Chuan groups in various regions, such as the Boxing Association and the Taipei Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan Association, promote Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan widely.
Introduction of Master Pan, Yong-zhou
Master Pan Yongzhou, courtesy name Zuomin, nickname Xinzhi, is a native of Wu County, Jiangsu Province. Born in 1905, died in 1996. He was direct teached by the Chen Fake, the 17th ancestor of Chen's family in Chen jiagou, Wenxian County, Henan Province. Master Chen Fake has carefully informed him that what he taught is the frame passed down by Chen Changxing, the 14th ancestor of Chen's family, and has not been changed, is extremely precious. Therefore, despite the turmoil of war, there is no one day away from the Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan.
When Master Pan was a child, due to many illnesses, disorders, and long-term weakness, he often suffered from headaches and palpitations. He was dependent on medicines, which were rarely effective, so he began to learn Tai Chi Chuan. In 1930, he joined the Peiping Tai Chi Chuan Research Institute to learn Yang style Taijiquan. The president is Mr. Yang Chengfu, and the coach is Mr. Yan Hechuan. Later, he was introduced by his sixth uncle and learned Wu style Taijiquan from Mr. Liu Musan, a disciple of Mr. Wu Jianquan. Introduced by Mr. Liu, in January 1931, he formally learned Chen style Tai Chi Chuan under the master of Chen Fake. He went through Yang, Wu, and finally Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan.
When Master Pan was studying boxing, he was studying at the School of Law and Business of Peking University. He practiced diligently every day, and every time he wanted to bed at night, he had to use his hands to move his legs onto the bed before he could go to bed. Finally, one day Grandmaster Chen Fa-ke praised him in person: " Pan, you can take action." On the one hand, this remark is a compliment, on the other hand, it also shows that boxing skills have improved to a higher level. Through the guidance of the master, solid training, and self-effort, Master Pan have achieved a profound understanding of Taijiquan. Not only the principles and methods are well prepared, but also subtle and subtle in Tai Chi Chuan. In his later years, his body was still tough, and his cultivation was even more praiseworthy. Mrs. Pan said: "For decades, he have never lost my temper." This is precisely the manifestation of the superiority of Tai Chi Kung Fu.
Master Pan has been sincere and honest, low-key and indifferent to fame and wealth throughout his life. It was not until he served as the judge and convener of the Tai Chi Chuan competition in Taiwan's first martial arts competition held at the Taipei Sanjun Stadium in 1955, and he gradually integrated into the Taijiquan social circle. Because of Chen style Tai Chi Chuan was rare, in addition to his daily teaching, he also worked hard to write books to benefit his later studies. In 1951, he published "Tai Chi Chuan Inner Strength and External Power Essence", and in 1974 published "Tai Chi Chuan Theory and Micro". From year 1990 to 1996, his disciples Wang Youjun, Li Wenguang and Hong Yunhe compiled and completed the "Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan Encyclopedia". This book is divided into three volumes. The book is rich and informative, and it is a masterpiece. In addition, in order to continue and promote Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan skills, in addition to the "Jing Lu Chen-style Taijiquan Club", in 1993, his disciple Hong Yunhe was ordered to apply for the establishment of a Chen-style Tai Chi Chuan branch in the Republic of China Tai Chi Chuan Association; The Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan video recording was completed in 1994; these precious heritages are of great learning and reference value for the future research on Chen Style Tai Chi Chaun and the preservation of Chinese culture.
The picture of Master Pan
The picture of Master Pan
Introduction of Mr. Hong, Yun-Her
Mr. Hong, Yun-Her, born in Taipei City, has been fond of martial arts since he was a child. In year 1979, after Master Pan, Yong-zhou was hired to teach Chen style Tai Chi Chuan by the CTCI corporation Tai Chi Chuan Club, Hong began to learn it. He is the first generation disciple of Master Pan in Taiwan, and has been following Master Pan, immersed in the field of Chen Style Taijiquan. He also learned Tongjiquan, Yang style Tai Chi Chuan, TaiChi sword, and sword with Master Zhang Dunxi. Follow Master Ke Qihua to practice Zhengzi Tai Chi Chuan and Sanshou, Follow Master Wang Wenxiang to learn Shaolin basic skills, Yanqingquan, Erlangquan and other Shaolin boxing techniques, as well as rolling double swords, Liangyi swords, Sancai swords, Qimen swords, counter sticks and other equipment.
In year 1993, Mr. Hong was instructed by Master Pan to apply to the Republic of China Tai Chi Chuan Association for the formation of the Chen Style Taijiquan Branch, and served as the chairman of the preparatory committee. After the establishment of the branch, he successfully elected Mr. Guan Zhong-fu as the chairman, and he served as the deputy chairman, actual handling of association affairs.
So far, the work of compiling Master Pan's works has been accelerated. Together with Wang You-jun and Li Wen-guang, he has organized Master Pan's decades of research experience and boxing pictures. By year 1996, a total of three volumes of "Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan Encyclopedia" were compiled and completed. He also cooperated with the video recording work of China Television Company, and went in and out of the editing room many times to assist in the production of the "Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan Video" demonstrated by Master Pan in person. At the same time, the "Jinglu Club News" is also issued within the branch itself, and an exclusive website is set up to complete the most direct and fast communication bridge with club member.
In year 1998, in response to the actual needs of promotion throughout Taiwan, an application was made to the Ministry of the Interior to organize the "Chinese Chen Style Taijiquan Association" to serve as the chairman of the preparatory committee. After the establishment of the association, Mr. Ma Tingji was elected as the chairman. In the same year, the "Taipei Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan Association" was also organized and elected as the first chairman.
For a long time, Mr. Hong Yun Her not only devoted himself to the promotion and development of Tai Chi Chuan in Taiwan, but also went abroad to participate in performance competitions several times, and visited martial arts colleagues in the United States, Canada, China and other places. Since year 2001, he has been invited to travel to the United States, Canada, Australia and other regions to teach Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan.


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